• Services

    Software to automate business processes

    Office automation, accounting, ERP and healthcare are an integral part of any business setup. At Krishna Softwareâ„¢, we develop software to automate repetitive but important functions in your business by harnessing the tools of a personal computer. The results lead to significant cost savings for our clients.

    Customized software for efficient businesses

    Our CHAKRA platform offers unique customized solutions in office automation, financial accounting, ERP, payroll and health care related to your business. The result is improved efficiency which improves the bottom line and allows our clients to focus their energies in the core competencies of their business.

    Website Design and Development

    These days, websites are the face of any business and a powerful marketing tool for business expansion. A user-friendly website plays an equally important role in the growth of a business. We are involved in designing and developing static, dynamic and responsive websites. We have designed web sites and blogs for industries, clinics and professionals. We deal primarily in Microsoft technologies.